Best Wordress Keyboard Shortcut Collection For Bloggers

Written by Ahsanul Karim

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. WordPress best content Management (CMS) blogging software. It is a open source free blogging software. You don’t need to know any coding to launch a website with WordPress. Most web developers use WordPress. Because for a dynamic site or a blog site WordPress is the best platform. Recently WordPress celebrated 10 years anniversary worldwide.


wordpress 10 years anniversary


Today I’ll share an important tips for all WordPress users. To do any work fast we generally use shortcut. Most of us don’t know there are shortcuts in WordPress too.


Here are some popular WordPress Keyboard Shortcut:  

H1 Header: CTRL+1

H2 Header: CTRL+2

H3 Header: CTRL+3

H4 Header: CTRL+4

H5 Header: CTRL+5

H6 Header: CTRL+6

Paragraph: CTRL+7

Format: CTRL+8

Address: CTRL+9

Advanced Editor (Kitchen Sink): Alt+SHIFT+z

Go to End: Ctrl+End

Go to Top: Ctrl+Home

Link: Alt + Shift + A

Align Center: Alt + Shift + C

Strikethrough: Alt + Shift + D

Edit HTML: Alt + Shift + E

Align Left: Alt + Shift + F

Full Screen editing: Alt + Shift + G

Help: Alt + Shift + H

Insert link:     ALT + SHIFT + A

ALT + SHIFT + S:      Remove link

ALT + SHIFT + T:      Insert “more” tag

Insert “page break” tag:   ALT + SHIFT + P

Align Full: Alt + Shift + J

List Item (li): Alt + Shift + L

Insert image: Alt + Shift + M

Check Spelling: Alt + Shift + N

Ordered List (ol): Alt + Shift + O

Publish the Post: Alt + Shift + P

Blockquote: Alt + Shift + Q

Align Right: Alt + Shift + R

Unlink: Alt + Shift + S

Read More: Alt + Shift + T

Unordered List: Alt + Shift + U

Advanced Editor: Alt + Shift + V

Unquote: Alt + Shift + W

Advanced Editor: Alt + Shift +Z

Various header sizes: Ctrl +Number (eg: Ctrl+1,2,3,4,5,6)

Save Draft: Ctrl+Alt+s

Preview: Ctrl+Alt+l

Bold: Ctrl + B

Italics: Ctrl + I

Copy:  CTRL + C

Paste:   CTRL + V

Select all:   CTRL + A

Cut:     CTRL + X

Redo: Ctrl + Y

Undo: Ctrl + Z


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