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Best Tips for Changing Domain Name

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Perhaps you decided on a domain name a few months or years ago, thinking that it would be perfect, but now you really do not think that you made the proper choice. Maybe your company just is not getting as much web traffic as you want, and you think your domain name has something to do with it. You want to register now and make a change so that you have a new website and you can get a fresh start. Don’t just jump right into this, however, without reading through these tips first, which can help your new name be a success. 


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Tell Your Customers that the Change is coming:

First off, you want to start a campaign to inform your customers about the change well in advance. You can tell them online, via email, through postal ads, on TV commercials and in many other ways. It does not matter how you do it, but you want to get the word out as much as possible so that there is less confusion. You should spend a few months doing this before you even make the change.
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Run Both Websites at the Same Time:

Another thing to consider is simply running your old website – the one you have currently – and the new site at the same time. Changing to the new one does not necessarily mean that you have to abandon the old. This way, you keep all of those customers who may be used to going to that domain, but you can also draw in new customers with your new site. You do not have to do this forever, but you may want to consider doing it for a year or so while you make the transition. Put a message on the old site that tells people about the new one, as well.

Automatically Redirect Your Visitors:

A similar option is to keep the old site up, but to set up a system that automatically redirects anyone who goes to it to your new site. This way, if they bookmarked your site on the computer, their bookmark link will still work. They may not even realize that it redirects them. You will need to register both domain names at once in order to do this, but that is far better than losing a lot of your customers as you make the switch. Again, you can do this for a year as a transition.


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