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Best Tethering App For Android Phones

Written by Ahsanul Karim

The term tethering refers to the act of connecting one device to the other device. In context of mobile phones tethering enables sharing of the internet connection. The connection of the phone is shared with other devices like laptops. The connection of the phone can be established with other devices in the following ways.


They are as follows:

  • Through Bluetooth.
  • Over wireless LAN.
  • By establishing a physical connection with the help of cable through USB.


"Tethering App"


Tethering in Android:

With the recent technological advancements in the field of mobile phones, there have been many drastic inventions in this field. The latest addition to this is the inclusion of the tethering technology. The amazing tethering technology is supported by the Android phones. This has made sharing and using internet a very easy and convenient task.

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Tethering Apps for Android Phones:

There are numerous applications which facilities the tethering techniques in the Android phones. A few of such applications are as follows:

  • PdaNet
  • Barnacle Wifi Tether
  • Android Tethering
  • Easy Tether
  • Tether for Android.

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It is one of the most widely used tethering applications used by the Android phones. It enables the user to use the Android phone’s data connection on the laptop via bluetooth or USB cable. Pdanet is considered to be the best ever tethering option for the Android. The app helps in tethering without the requirement of rooting the phone.

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Barnacle Wifi Tether:

The Barnacle Wifi Tether helps in converting the Android phone into a handy wireless hotspot for other devices. It can also be considered as an ad-hoc access points used by the other devices such as the iPad, Mac, PC, Linux, laptops, iOS and even the Xbox. There is no need for the installation of additional software on the PC side. Also, there is no need for the custom Kernel on the side of the smartphone. One thing that needs to be keeps in mind while working with this app is that it requires rooting on the phone. WEP encryption is also supported by this app, but it should not be forgotten that WEP in actuality is not a safe and sound protocol.


"Tethering App For Android Phones"


Android Tethering:

Android Tethering is another app which needs to be installed on the Android phone. Also, there is the need for the installation of the software in Mac, Linux client or on the PC. It is quite similar to the other Android app like the PdaNet. It helps in tethering over USB. The need for root access is not needed in this case.


Easy Tether:

Easy Tether is a substitute to the PdaNet. It is less expensive in comparison to the pdaNet. It is compatible with Mac, ubuntu and the windows. It can also tether the gaming system.

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Tether for Android:

Tether has an extensive user base. It has been seen in the reviews that the Internet speeds can go up to 7 Mbps using the tethering app.

A word of caution while using these apps is that some of them are not legally supported by the manufacturers and the carriers. The user needs to be smart enough to use these apps.


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