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Best Online Image Optimization Tool

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Generally for image optimization including image cropping, resizing, converting, compressing and even minor changes, we need to open Adobe Photoshop to do this minor work. As Adobe Photoshop is a big tool, it takes a lot of time. No more worry.

Any web designer or developer can use these tools to make the most of their time. Sometimes these may not be very good quality photo editing. But what we usually need for our web can be done in less time.

Here are some great free online tools by which you can do image cropping, resizing, converting, compressing.

Pic Resize launched in 2005 and one of the best picture editing tools. More than 150 million pictures edited since its launch.

With picresize, you can easily crop, resize and edit picture. You just upload or drag the image from the computer. One click will move the photo to a certain size. You can download it in any format.


JPEG Optimizer is a free online tool for resizing and compressing digital photos and images for displaying on the web in forums or blogs, or for sending by email. It is completely free tool.

Shrink Pictures allow you resize the image and share it directly on social networking sites (facebook, twitter, Instagram). The process is very simple. A video tutorial will give you guideline This allows you to shrink the photo and give any effect.


Image Optimizer will help you optimize gifs, animated gifs, png, jpeg format. So that the images are loaded on your site very easily. You can also convert from one format to another.

JpegReducer is a free compressor tool. You have the freedom to choose between three possible compression types, all three highly optimized for maximal size reduction with minimal image quality loss: Lossy, Glossy and Lossless. After compressing the image, you can do a swipe-type comparison between the original and the compressed image.

The most important thing you always have the option to reset the edited image to its original aspect ratio, and to zoom it in or out.

Compressnow is a great web tool that compress images. This makes the larger image smaller. So webpages will load faster, bandwidth will be less expensive. It can be used before emailing or posting photos on social sites.


So which Online Image tool is your favorite? Don’t forget to share. 

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