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Benefits and Effectiveness of Internet Marketing

Written by Ahsanul Karim

The digital age is here, and so is the era of online marketing. There is no getting away from this truth. The benefits of online marketing are numerous owing to their respective effectiveness and advantageous nature. The shift from manual handling of the data and other transactions to the digital and internet dealing has surely affected all corners of existing industry like online advertising and online selling and buying etc.

Marketing is no different. The shift from manual on-the-ground marketing to online marketing has its own perks and effectiveness.

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Following are the few major benefits and effectiveness of online marketing:


First and foremost is the convenience of online marketing. You don’t need a big man force and staff that is available for a limited period of time in a day. The online marketing is open to visit 24/7, so this is definitely cost effective as well. Since you don’t have to do any payments to the staff for staying overtime, therefore, online marketing remains convenient.


The reason why internet revolutionized the world is its far reaching connectivity. It literally connects the entire world. So, it goes without saying that online marketing means reaching out to the world. Your product is no longer restricted to some particular audience or space rather, (assuming its supply remains constant) it is available for anybody anywhere in the world. in the past, institutions and shops needed to set up their outlets if they wanted to reach some customers, whereas now all corners of the world can be accessed with one website alone.

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Emergence of E-commerce:

The inexorable outcome of online marketing is the opening up of online buying and selling stores. People, designers and companies put up their products online on their respective websites to engage with the potential buyers. People with smartphones and tablets in their hands love to visit such places and do their shopping. A midst all of this, another concept that have emerged and spread across the world is the concept of online marketplace. A place where potential buyers get connected to potential sellers. Several ventures run by multinational internet incubators have more or less changed the landscape of marketing. If you talk about Pakistan, online marketplaces like daraz and Kaymu provide this opportunity with great ease and convenience.

Moreover, this internet marketing is quite effective as it saves a lot of time for its consumers. You don’t have to go through the hassle of choosing and sorting out the objects of your desire. That part has already been done by the website. Yu only need to search and click on that product in order to get it.

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Social Dimension to Internet Marketing:

Through internet a lot of people get to know each other when they encounter on some online platform. This is obviously a great upside of the today’s increasing isolated environment. Moreover, people these days use so much social media to remain in contact with each other that few online advertisement convey to your message to millions of people. To conclude, it won’t be completely off the mark if one arrives at a conclusion: future belongs to online marketing.

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