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Amazing Cruise Ship Technology for Every Travel Buff

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Not unlike automotive designers, engineers and manufacturers, the technology found on all cruise ships continually advances. Innovations in electronics encompass all aspects of the vessel from the way a boat handles to providing passengers with a wide selection of convenient amenities. The technology varies from one vessel to the next and depends on whether the ship is a smaller dinner cruise yacht or a large open-ocean going vessel. Zero speed stabilizers, for example, are named for the function that they provide. When docked, the stabilizers keep the vessel completely still regardless of water current strength or wave height.

Cruise ship Technology


Communication Technology:

While aboard charter yachts, passengers have 24/7 access to the Internet and telephone service. In many instances, satellite systems are the reason for this convenience that ensures service continues and has no bearing on where a ship is located. Depending on the particular cruise line, access is available in passenger rooms or in general areas. Ships may also feature state-of-the-art personalized entertainment systems located in state rooms, in general areas and on decks. Complete with large flat screens and surround sound, the systems offer satellite TV in addition to tens of thousands of files that provide access to TV shows and movies. Guests may also connect personal mobile devices and play previously recorded files.
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Latest Cruise Liners:

The Fincantieri shipyard near Venice, Italy, announced plans to build two new cruise ships. The first was named The Viking Star, measured 754 feet in length and more than 94 feet in width. Overall, the ship design is similar to European longboats. Capable of accommodating more than 900 passengers, the ship’s designers aimed to improve the cabin facilities by expanding each personal space to approximately 270 square feet per suite. The larger room space means that guests no longer have to wrestle with pull-down beds or experience a lack of floor space. The rooms have king-sized beds and enlarged bathrooms. Each cabin also features outdoor balconies. Rooms on levels three through six have self-service laundry systems.
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Unlike many cruise lines, the Viking will not have areas restricted to suite guests only. Public areas are larger and include the Explorer’s Lounge that offers full frontal and side views. The cafe offers a world menu and nixes traditional buffet lines for action stations. The facility also features al fresco seating and plans to provide complimentary beverages during meal times. Unique amenities provided by the spa area include a large thermal suite containing a massive hot tub. Guests may also enjoy dry saunas. When tired of the sun and heat, the “snow room” has technology that allows guests to initiate light to blizzard condition snowstorms.


On the rear of the deck, the back wall of the unusual infinity pool consists of a top-to-bottom glass wall. A megadrome encloses an indoor swimming pool and has a retractable ceiling that allows fresh air during warm, sunny days. On the other hand, closing the ceiling keeps inclement weather out. From the first to the third deck, an atrium rises surrounded by public areas. The restaurant was designed with an outdoor promenade that also surrounds the exterior. The ship additionally has a piano bar and two cinemas.


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