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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Twitter is the best micro blogging site. Every blogger must need a twitter account to spread his blog. It is a one kind of marketing. Here you can update your status in only 140 letters. By default, we can’t add any symbol with status.

But if you know this tips, you can add symbol with your status.



Visit simbolostwitter.

In my Browser (Google Chrome) the site is written in Spanish. So if you also see this, you need to translate in English.


Now click Connect With Twitter (upper right side)

Click Connect to interact with Twitter account.

You will see right click in Connected With Twitter (upper Right side)

Write your new status in Decorate Your Tweets & add symbols from below picture archive.

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Click Send.

Now check your Twitter status. You’ll see new symbol will be added with your status.

Be Careful – don’t add too many symbols in the same status. It will be regarded as spam.


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