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Hello,  I am Ahsanul Karim completed MA  from English Literature  from Asian Continent.


I am founder of Techdesighn and love surfing internet usually to find out “what’s new”


I’ve been using PC from 2002. At that time I used Microsoft’s Windows 98 and now I am using Windows 7.


I Like to discover, try and share newer software and applications. And for sharing the knowledge I decided to start blogging in 2009.


My rapidly growing curiosity towards Blogging forced me to share Blogging and SEO Tips, PC tips through my blogging experience.  I love to help bloggers with my experience. For any help on WordPress, Adsense, blogging you can feel free to contact me with mail.


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E-mail: russelleng01@gmail.com, admin@techdesighn.com

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