5 Winning Tips for Making Your Content Mobile

Written by Ahsanul Karim

It’s hard enough to figure out how to setup your blog and start creating content for your users to consume. But recently, a new obstacle has emerged: content based on the device being used.


Why does this matter? Observe your own emotions and consumption behavior when it comes to your different devices. What type of email/blog post do you read on your phone? How fast do you read it? Is it short/long in length? Is it the type of thing that has lots of links and resources, or is it more a quick answer to a specific question?

When you take a deep look into it, you may find that you use your desktop/laptop, your tablet, and your smartphone in very different ways, when it comes to content consumption.


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Here are five tips on how to optimize your content to make it consumable on mobile devices:


  1. Don’t Use Ton of Images :

Images are great on laptops, tablets, and devices that typically are connected to wireless or wired Internet connections with fast speeds. But that isn’t the case with mobile phones, which often connect at speeds less than 4G, and have strict limits on data, or bandwidth caps. And photos kill site speed, which is the next point.

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  1. Make Sure Your Website Loads Quickly:

Web users are impatient, and mobile users are even more impatient. Some people call it the three-second rule of thumb. If it doesn’t load in three seconds, it’s not fast enough for the average user.


  1. Write as Briefly as Possible:

Write short if you want your site to be suitable for mobile.


  1. Don’t Use a Lot of Links :

There are some bad habit of bloggers. Quite often, screen space is limited, and thumbs accidentally hit links. Save your links for the end!

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  1. Consider Long-form for the Right Situations:

This seems a bit contradictory to the other tips, but sometimes long-form content makes perfect sense for a mobile user. Perhaps it’s a series of events needed to answer a question (“How do I change my engine oil?”, for instance), or perhaps it’s just something that can’t be answered quickly.


Mobile users will be patient for great content that answers their questions; they won’t do the same for content that is mediocre or spammy.


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