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5 Ways to Experience the True Indian Culture

Written by Ahsanul Karim

India is one place with such a diverse culture that you can never get enough of it. It has so much to offer to a traveler. An experience of its true culture is one thing that can top your bucket lists.


Before you plan a tour to India and sketch out an itinerary with the major tourists’ spots like the Taj Mahal, India Gate, QutubMinar, Char Minars, Goa Churches, Himalayan Peaks and the Palaces of Rajasthan, everything, there is something you need to do, to get the real knowledge of the Indian Culture.

Mysore Palace India

  1. Explore the Unknown:

To get the real taste of the Indian Culture, the first and foremost thing to do is to keep an open mind. You may do so by removing all the prejudices you may have developed over time from the Google Search you did while planning the trip, or that guidebook you purchased at the airport bookstore or the warnings or guidelines from those in your family and friends who care about you or any other source of information. Be open to travel India as a childlike curiosity of exploring the unknown world, only then will you be able to enjoy the real Indian culture and try out the things outside your comfort zone which will later become the best of your memories.


  1. Choose A House Over a Hotel:

When it comes to staying in various places, and the search for the best of hotels begins, stop. It is worthwhile that instead of going for the best of luxury hotels to stay, you choose homestays. Homestays are the best ways to know about the place as you get to experience it in its entirety. The traditions, the culture, the food and the language in its purest form can be only seen when you live it. The homestays are relatively inexpensive as compared to the hotels, which can make it even more of a feasible option to opt.


  1. Choose the Local Market:

So many world class malls are coming up in India, with almost all the possible brands under one roof. You may find everything here. But if you aim at knowing the India and not just visiting it for your pictures, I would suggest that you take a walk down the local markets and interact with the local vendors. Not only will you be surprised to get some valuable insights but also see the variety of languages used by different people in the same area.


So, instead of visiting the malls for buying the souvenirs, visit the local markets and purchase some local stuff. Talk to the vendors and shopkeepers around about the place or even the directions to somewhere you wish to go. They can give you some of the best the best insights of the local culture as well as better directions than the google maps.


  1. Visit At Least One Place from All the Four Corners of The Country:

It is obviously an impossible task to know the whole of India in just one tour but to experience the stark variation in the cultures here, I would suggest that you visit at least one city from all the four corners of the country. You will be amazed to see how all the states have a different language, a different dance form, different foods, different physical features, and above all different climates. When it is super cold in northern India, it is exactly the opposite in southern regions; when the Gujarat and Rajasthan natives prefer sweets, people in east prefer spicy noodles.


Travelling to some of such places will give you the vivid view of the extremely different culture and traditions followed in India i.e. the incredibility of India.


  1. Experience the Indian Art and Culture:

India is a land of art and music where almost different states have a special folk dance and music. Try to get a glimpse of the Indian culture through any form of art – a Bollywood movie, a play, a dance show, puppet show, classical music concert or a rock concert, painting exhibition, or any more form you can think of. You will feel enlightened to know the excellence, the fun, the beauty of everything! If you are lucky to arrive here when some cricket matches are going on, surely go watch some people watching a cricket match – in a stadium or on their TV at home with family! It will surely explain what is the religion Indian follow above all.


Now, that you have the tips to follow, what are you waiting for! Go pack your bags and book the tickets & enjoy your travel destination with Trip Advisor!


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Rohit’s travel stories are shared on Trans India Travels to show his love for the most under explored places of India.


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