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5 Fantastic Tips To Boost Product Page To Ideal Position On Google

Written by Ahsanul Karim

Every E-commerce webmaster knows the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), while you may not realize it is necessary to optimize each single product page. If you want to get more organic traffic from Google, you need to pay much attention to product page optimization.

Here are 5 tips which can be helpful for you to optimize your product page and boost them to ideal position on Google:

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1. Page URL

  • First, include keywords in your URL. There are a lot of competitive keyword phrases in your website, integrating keywords into your URL gives you an advantage in getting more search traffic.
  • Second, user-friendly URL structure should be informative. Anyone could read and recognize page content just from URL structure before ever reaching it.
  • Third, tactfully use folders. A product URL should contain necessary folders. Both for users and search engines, they can find out which category the specific item belongs to, and potential clients can find more similar products through URL.

For example, product page URL is “”. If users want to find more women’s clothing, they just need to erase “/15147280530.html”, then they come to women’s clothing category “”.

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2. Meta Tags

For webpage, there is nothing more important than the title. Suitable title tells people and search engine what your page is about. People will determine whether to visit your page or not when it appears in search engine results. Meanwhile, title should contain your keywords, and then search engine will recognize whether to give your page an ideal position in search engine results. In this way, you should write the title for people and organize the title for search engine. For people you need to express your main content with simple and a few words; for search engine, for ranking in ideal position, you need to put the keyword as close to the beginning as you can in the title. For example, there are 3 keywords in one page, the first important one is “Tshirt”, the second one is “red shirt”, and the third is “summer shirt”, so you can format your title as “Tshirt|Red Shirt|Description Tag|Summer Shirt”.

Meta Description is the supplements and explanation of the Meta Title, sometimes, people will read your description to judge whether their desired information is included in your webpage, and search engine will give a rank for some keywords included in description but not in title. So you should take full advantage of your Meta Description.

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3. Product descriptions – Content is King:

In this post-panda world, it is very important to make product descriptions unique. Never copy product description from manufacturers’ instructions; you should take time to differentiate your product descriptions for thousands of the same product retailers. If not, your product page will be overlooked by search engine, and overlooked by prospects in future.

For SEO, you need to insert keywords in product description, but remember, just using keywords where necessary. Your customers are people not search engines. Meanwhile, Place this information as high up on the page as possible.

You should strive to make your product description most descriptive. Instead of saying the hard disk is 8GB, you can tell potential buyers the hard disk can hold more than 1600 songs. Make sure the product description include your USP (unique selling proposition), such as free shipping, lowest price, high definition, etc.

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4. Customer Reviews – Free content provided by your users:

Customer reviews provide amazing unique content for product page, offering more keywords and phrases in your pages than your product description alone. Meanwhile, item reviews give Google more contexts about your content, and help you to boost your search engine rankings. If done in a correct way, the CTR (click-through-rates) can be greatly improved based on a well-balanced reviews.

Google love new content. You should encourage customers to write reviews for your product, maybe give them coupons or other benefits. Then fresh content will be added to your product page without spending your own time or money. Some ecommerce product descriptions are the same with the manufacturer descriptions. So user generated content will make your product page unique from other affiliates. Unique content will help you get ideal rank from SERPs.
For online customers, they like to learn about the product reviews from other buyers, so they will type “product name + reviews” in Google. If there are customer reviews in your product page, you will probably get good ranking on Google. Here, “reviews” can be replaced by “ratings”,“testimonials” and “comments”.

5. Page Speed:

Why is the “site speed” added to Google ranking factors? That is because site loaded slowly will decrease the customer satisfaction. No one has time and patience to wait. Since Google has added “site speed” to ranking algorithm, you should pay much attention to this.

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This is the speed of search results from Geoff Kenyon. In this chart, you can see the loading time in the top 20.
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The Importance of Improving Page Speed

Time on site is one of the Google’s ranking factors. Actually, time on site is highly related with page speed. Fast page speed decreases bounce rate, prospects are willing to stay longer on your site, and view more pages. Next time, they will return to your site when they need to learn some similar products.

  • First, Minimize HTML file size, remove unnecessary codes form HTMand CSS.
  • Second, optimize flash and picture files. File size has great impact on page speed. Make sure all these files are optimized to the web.

In conclusion, if you follow the above 5 tips to optimize your product page, it will help you to get ideal position on Google for your product page. Meanwhile, conversion rate will be highly improved.


About the Author:
This guest post is written by Karen Lee. She is an SEO at YOYBUY.COM. YOYBUY is one of the oldest and most reliable taobao agents in China, helping foreign people buy items from almost all Chinese online shops (B2C).

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