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5 Excellent WordPress Plugins For Webmasters

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Written by Ahsanul Karim

Since the turn of the 21st century, blogging has grown in popularity, no longer the back-corner collection of diaries and personal journals it once was. More and more journalists, business owners and marketing strategists are blogging as a way of spreading information, connecting with communities and generating traffic for their websites. Yet, blogging doesn’t have the same connotation it once did. It isn’t enough to slap together a WordPress blog and post an article once a month and be done with it. Modern blogging requires a sense of creativity as well as the utilization of social media tools, conversion strategies and SEO optimizing plug-ins. A blog is only a success when it becomes a community center or a reference for regular readers. Maintaining top rank in Google searches is much easier with WordPress plugins.

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What is a WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that is specifically designed to add new abilities to a WordPress blog. Usually plugins allow the user easier access to a particular function or provide a shortcut to coding that enables them to drag and drop links or add sidebars, social media tools and more to their blog.


What are the best 2012 WordPress plugins?

Keeping a blog ranking high on Google is a never-ending battle with the competition. It is essential, therefore, that the blogger keeps up with marketing and social media technology, utilizing the best and the most advanced gadgets and gizmos that plugins have to offer.

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Here are five of the top new plugins for WordPress bloggers in 2012:


All in One SEO Pack:

Without this plugin, the WordPress default is to use the title of a post along with the first sentence of the post to be indexed by Google. This plugin allows the user to easily enter in a Title and Description of his or her own choosing.


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BWP Google XML Sitemaps:

This plugin updates the XML sitemap and pings major search engines, letting them know the user has posted new content.

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Scribe SEO:

A powerful search engine optimization tool, this plugin analyzes the content of a post and makes suggestions from an SEO perspective that will improve its search engine rankings. The plugin evaluates a post and gives it a score based on its keyword density and structure.


The Slide:

The Slide is designed to increase the page views of any given website. By analyzing the articles on a website, it can discretely make suggestions to the reader about other content on the site the reader might be interested in looking at. The purpose of this plugin is to keep visitors on the site longer while encouraging them to explore it more.


The Hello Bar:

The most valuable space on any website is the top horizontal space. This is the first section of the website that a visitor sees and this plugin maximizes the potential of that space. The plugin is a web toolbar that is customizable to blend in with the user’s website. The purpose is to catch the immediate attention of a visitor and encourage them towards a course of action.


This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many more highly valuable WordPress plugins that will assist users in increasing their productivity and streamlining their workflow in the blog world.


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