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3 Ways to Secure Your Wireless Network

Securing your wireless network is one of the best security measures you can make to avoid losing your internet connection and bandwidths to the hackers. I have been experiencing some security challenges for the past few days now and that to research more in order to get the lasting solutions to how I can protect myself. That step I took made me understand some of the loopholes in the network security world in general and I am happy to share them with you. I have also used this technique in restricting hacker’s access to the internet access I am using for my gravity defyer and 48hourprint coupon and discount promotion blog.

In this article, I will be showing you some of the three things I did to my wireless connection to secure it from hackers permanently. Please note that these three steps are in form of advice and guide, so follow them wisely and you’ll be able to secure your wireless network from hackers and breakers.

  • Don’t share your wireless connection unnecessarily

When it comes to securing your wireless internet access, one thing that is paramount there is that, sharing your wireless access unnecessarily can affect how your computer and the net access perform. So, it is good to only share a wireless connection with people who are like-minded, those who will go by the rules you outlined for them and not those people that will go a long mile in destroying your connection.

Since wireless internet access is a wirelessly-passed internet access, people can easily hacked into it from any are they are even without asking for the permission from you once your broadcaster is active.So, make sure that you secure your connection with every form of protection methods you know about.

  • Protect your password

Using hard to crack password and username can help you get your wireless connection secured. Hackers’everyday aredevising every possible method they know to make sure that they get their victims pinned-down. Therefore, if you don’t use a hard password for your wireless network, you will lose the control over your connection very soon. I’ve been making use of this technique for a very long time now and it has worked for me. So, use it and you will get the desired result you want.

  • Change the default router’s details

By default, all routers are configured with the same usernames and password which make it easier for hackers to be able to hack your connection and use it without your consent. So, to make the matter easier for yourself, you need to change your default router’s settings to your pre-defined info so that people who are trying to connect to it will have to ask for permission before they can be allowed to use it.

These are the three tips I have used for my wireless internet connection protection and it has helped me a lot. However, there is one more thing I will like to let you know, you should always disable your router broadcasting settings to avoid letting hackers know that your connection is internet enable.

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