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3 Ways to Secure Your Mobile Phone from Danger

Written by Ahsanul Karim

The mobile phone is currently one of the oldest and most developed gadgets we now use in our world today. What started from a simple pixilated device with little functionality has now turned into rivals of the most powerful computers the world has ever known. A standard mobile phone now has a lot of features including multimedia, support for gaming, unlimited internet access and even the ability to make video calls to people from other aspects of the world. The problem with this is that with increased functionality comes increased dangers and even though the mobile phone is a device with lots of functionality, it also has its own dangers.

Dangers could be from hackers, it could be from thieves and it could be from any other source. How then do you secure your mobile phone from ever-increasing dangers?

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This article shares a few tips on how to secure your mobile phone from danger.


1. Activate Your Mobile Phone Auto-lock Feature:

Most mobile phones in the market today have a feature that determines whether your mobile phone will remain password protected or not after a few minutes. This particular feature is totally under your control and you can determine whether to turn it on or not. The problem is that most mobile phone users see the auto lock feature of their mobile phone as a burden instead of a benefit and as a result a lot of them turn off this feature. The problem with this is that they have little control in the event that their mobile phone is locked.

The number one mobile security tip in this article is to activate your mobile phone auto lock feature; make sure you configure your mobile phone to auto lock in a maximum of one hour and make sure you only use password only you can guess. That way you will be secure should your phone be stolen.



2. Have Solid Mobile Security Software Installed:

Have you ever considered the fact that you can still be in control even if your mobile phone is stolen? Well, that’s possible, at least with the right tool.

You can take your mobile security to the next level and put yourself in full control by having solid mobile security software installed. The purpose of the security software will be to protect your device from being infected by a virus and it will also give you remote control of your device; yes, you heard that right. You will be able to control your mobile phone even if you’re in a different continent.

I personally use the Kapersky mobile security software and it has a feature that enables you to control your mobile phone by sending an SMS; in other words, with a simple SMS you can block your mobile phone, with a simple SMS you can report your phone as stolen and tell it to track it for you.

Of course, you can use any other mobile security software as long as it provides better features; only make sure you’re in full control in the event that there is trouble.

3. Make Sure Your Mobile Bluetooth is Always under Control:

The final tip in this article is to ensure your mobile Bluetooth is always in your control.

This option is very important yet most people ignore it; by taking the Bluetooth functionality of your mobile phone for granted you can have very important parts of your phone stolen right under your nose.

Most hackers today now have software that can be used to scan and hack mobile phones around them; all they need is a mobile phone with insecure Bluetooth and they can do a lot of things, including making calls from your mobile phone, accessing your files and text messages, resetting your time and deleting your data.

The only way you can prevent this is by using strong Bluetooth passwords, changing your passwords regularly, turning off your Bluetooth when not using it and constantly updating devices you’re connected to.


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