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3 Phones & Tablets Looking Forward

Written by Ahsanul Karim

While there are many phones in the market, here are 3 phones I am waiting for eagerly. If I am not wrong, these 3 are bound to get a lot of sales and will decide the fate of their brand. These 3 phones may even change the ranking or position of the brands.

  • 1. Samsung Galaxy S3

Now this is a phone worth talking. After the successful launch and sales of Samsung Galaxy series, S3 is bound to rock. Samsung Galaxy S3 will change the mobile and the smartphone world. Samsung Galaxy S3 is believed to have a Quad core processor. With this processor you can expect a very fast speed. Further its believed to have a very high capacity camera which will ensure a good photo experience. It will be powered by the latest Android OS i.e. Ice-cream Sandwich which will give S3 an altogether new look and feel. It will be out next year.


  • 2. iPhone 5

While there are no official detail of features or specifications of iPhone 5, experts believe it to be a lot better than its predecessors. iPhone 5 will not only boast of a bigger screen ,but also a better processor, camera, touch experience and look. It will have big screen and will be very slim. I think it’s a nice competitor for Samsung Galaxy S3 and other smart phones going to be launched in the next few months.

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  • 3. Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire will start shipping by November and I think it going to be loved by the people as it’s not very costly and offers somewhat good features. I don’t think it really competes with iPad or Galaxy tablet, but it surely will compete with other tablets in the same range and similar features. Lets see how Amazon Fire performs. Its available for pre-order at just $199. It lacks a few features than other tablets, but still I predict that Amazon Fire will be love by many who would love to get a tablet, but cannot afford one due to high cost.


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