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3 Best Ways To Find More Secret Blog Ideas

Written by Ahsanul Karim

It’s hard to come up with winning material every time you’re up to bat. Still, blog visitors are a fickle bunch. Get it wrong, and they might never come back. That’s why you should always try to pump out epic blog posts. It doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to think outside the box at little.


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Dig Deeper Into Past Posts:

Odds are you have blog posts that mention something in passing – something that’s mildly related to the main thrust of that post. Well, here’s your chance to expand on that tangent. Many blog owners have at least a year’s worth of content sitting right under their noses.

Let’s say you write about health and nutrition. In one of your posts, you mention the importance of vitamin D, but you also make mention of the fact that vitamin K2, calcium, magnesium, and a few other nutrients work in tandem with vitamin D.

Right there you have several potential blog posts. Tease out the importance of all of those nutrients that work with vitamin D, and assign a blog post to them. The beautiful thing here is that many nutrients in your body work with other vitamins and minerals, co-factors, enzymes, proteins, etc. You should never run out of ideas for a post.


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Use Commonly Asked Questions:

Commonly asked questions are another great source for material. A site like could probably get away with an FAQ, but blog posts that focus on an individual question would get more traction. Why? Because, when you devote an entire post to a question, you can attack it from multiple angles.

You can tease out all of the subtle side-issues related to that main question, provide an in-depth analysis (if necessary) of that question, it’s implications, and several possible solutions.

For example, if you run an insurance-based website, you might get a lot of questions about term life insurance. In actuality, there are several ways term contracts are constructed: annual renewable term, level premium term, and term with return of premium.

You could explain situations where one type of contract might be more beneficial than another. You could also explain how various modifications to the basic contract occur through riders and supplemental coverage options and how this affects which contract you should purchase.

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Choose A Controversial Topic:

Everyone likes controversy – even when people don’t agree with your position. There’s something about saying something taboo or “against the grain” that excites people. Yes, you risk losing readers with this kind of approach, but you won’t lose loyal readers.

In fact, you might create more loyal readers from people who don’t have strong feelings about you right now. You’ll kick some people off the fence while pulling others in. In that sense, your readership will become stronger since you’ll have more devoted fans – fans who will spread your message far and wide all over the Internet.

When choosing a controversial topic, you don’t have to be outright offensive. You can pull this off tactfully. Present the conventional view. Then present your view with hard facts. It’s OK to make a few audacious statements as long as you have the statistics and other hard numbers to back it up.

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About Author:

Laura Spicer is an avid blogger. She frequently writes about her passion for blogging on websites for writers.


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  • HI sir,
    Great post,it is too good. Controvesial topic is good idea, we will get a new idea,solutions and new article.

  • Hi Laura and Ahsanul,

    Yes, these are certainly nice ways to find more blog ideas. I think when you run out of ideas, even joining forums, groups, or other such sites where other bloggers share their posts, are a good idea because you gather lots of ideas from there too.

    Somehow I’ve never come across this problem so far, or perhaps because of my wide niche, I am in-fact overloaded with many ideas that need to be churned into posts. However, this is a major problem with many bloggers. I think controversial posts, or the ones that ask questions and stir a chord make good ideas too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,

      For a blogger sometime it is difficult to continue getting new idea. They feel hopeless. So at that time its better to write on latest trend, controversial post.

      But for a blogger like you will be never idealess. You choose your article from a wide range & all the article are our day to day life related. I always admire your choice.

      Happy weekend 🙂

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