How To Enable Desktop Slideshow In Windows 7

How To Enable Desktop Slideshow In Windows 7

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Windows 7 is one of the popular operating system of Microsoft after the operating system Windows XP. Windows 7 was released on worldwide on October 22, 2009. Windows 7 includes lots of new features.

Windows 7 has unique eye-catching wallpapers collection. Its always tough to decide which picture you like to show as Wallpaper. All look better than others. No more worry. But if you know this tricks you can show all pictures easily as a desktop slideshow.

Here is the solution.

You can easily permit all pictures rotate as a slide show as Desktop wallpaper.

Right-click an empty part of the desktop.

"windows 7 personalize"


From Personalization select Desktop Background

"windows 7 desktop"


Now select desired pictures by hold down Ctrl key or if you want all pictures to show as a slide show click Ctrl+A.

Select after how much time the picture will change in slide show (something from every day to as soon as every single 10 seconds),

Select Shuffle if you like to see the background pictures in a random.

"desktop slideshow"


Click Save Changes and enjoy the slide show.



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  1. What if I didn’t see the personalize icon when I right click my mouse. Where can I fin the properties. Seems that Windows 7 has a wide coverage when it comes in computer technology.

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