Take Care Of Your Eyes By Using F.lux Software

Take Care Of Your Eyes By Using F.lux Software

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Eyes are important part of our body. Without it, we are useless. Lots of bloggers pass lots of time in laptop or PC. So it is harmful for eye as well as health.

Today I’ll share a software by which you can take care of your eye.

This software name – F.lux.


"eye protection software"


F.lux has lots of valuable features:

  • Work hours calculator
  • Adjust brightness during day & night. In the daylight, it increases brightness & at night decreases brightness.
  • It also adjusts color.


Its size is 530 kb.

Just download & install it.

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Remember: At first this software will be irritating to you. Because when first time, it adjusts brightness & color contrast you’ll see black n white sometime red color PC monitor. But after 2-3 days your eye will adjust the software.

I suggest you not to change its recommended settings.

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