How To Stop Auto Update Software

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When you connect with net, it automatically updates some software. But most of time we don’t need this update. It is useless. By installing a single software, you can stop updating.


Visit Update Freezer.

Download the software.


Here you’ll see Google, Adobe, Java, Firefox, Windows, skype etc. software. From here you can enable or disable update.

"update freezer"

According to Update Freezer,

Update Freezer is a free and simple tool that helps to temporarily disable different kinds of automatic software updates on Windows.

We do recommend having all critical software updates switched on. We totally support this rule. However there are situations when you need an exception to this rule, for example:

  • Internet connection is very slow and expensive. Automatic updates may cause significant additional traffic without your permission.
  • You want to keep system configuration intact for some period of time. Like you have prepared some presentation for tomorrow and want your PC to behave tomorrow exactly as today.
  • You are bored with updates and want to allow them on-demand: perform updates when you need them.


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Mika Castro June 19, 2012 at 5:52 pm

Thanks for this tip. I encounter this on Mozilla new update and after updating it, I saw some changes that i don’t want.


Jacob Sander September 28, 2012 at 5:56 pm

I madly need this. I am actually look for this software. Glad you have this posted here. Software can indeed be a problem sometimes. Thanks for having this one here.


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