Open docx File in Old Version MS Word

MS Word is the most famous Word Processing Tool. All kinds of document works are done with it. There is no end of its benefit. Today I’ll solve a problem which old version MS Word users face regularly.

From the beginning Microsoft Word has extension named .doc. This extension is applicable for all older versions from 97 – 2003. But when new version MS Word 2007 launched, Microsoft changed its extension to .docx. So Anyone can open old version MS Word files in 2007 but old version users can’t open latest MS Word files. It’s shocking for old version users.

Here is the solution. When anyone send you an MS Word file in mail, just open it in mail. Then copy all text &  paste it in your old version MS Word (new document) . Never save directly from mail. If you do that, you can’t see the latest version file in oldest version MS Word.


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10 thoughts on “Open docx File in Old Version MS Word

  1. Hm. It’s really simple and effective solution. And taking into consideration that MS Word 2010 is not supported by the older versions either, it’s really useful. Thanx for sharing

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