Top Features of Windows 8 and iphone 5

October 17, 2012
"windows 8 start menu"

Admittedly, people have long waited for the iPhone 5 and Windows 8. These two recent offerings have been like cookies in the jar lately. Everyone just wants to stick their hands on them. But like any responsible shopper (yes, you are one!), you also want to know the striking features these products offer, right? Let […]

Apply For Management Trainee Officer In NCC Bank Ltd

October 15, 2012
"ncc bank limited"

NCC bank is one of the reputed bank of Bangladesh. Recently NCC bank is looking some talented Management Trainee Officer for their bank. If you think you are eligible for this post, you can apply too. It is recommended persons who prepared for facing challenges, motivated with team spirit and willing to work under pressure […]

How To Stop New Site From Indexing By Search Engine

October 14, 2012
"Google Search Engine"

Blogging is now popular platform to share your view or to earn. Everyday lots of bloggers are joining blogging community. But as most new bloggers don’t know the proper way to move forward, they can’t continue blogging.   Today I’ll share an important tips which I think new bloggers must know about it. Most of […]

Top Directories To Submit Your Articles For SEO

October 13, 2012
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As we all know, Search Engine Optimization is the technique of increasing the visibility of a web site by organic or authentic means. The primary goal of the SEO process is to get the website displayed on the first few pages (mostly targeted for the first page) of the search results and increase the number […]

Convert Windows 8 Start Menu To Windows 7 Classic Menu

October 13, 2012
"windows 8 start menu"

Most of people are started using Windows 8 Developers Preview Version. But as this latest OS is not officially launched, we find lots of problem & bugs. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable to use seeing Windows 8 big screen start menu. Definitely Windows 8 Start Menu is a revolution by Microsoft. No one ever thinks start […]

How To Write An Effective Business Blog Post

October 12, 2012
"blogging strategy"

Blogs are being used by business as part of marketing strategy to improve sales. One of the content marketing survey results point out that in 2011, blogs were being widely used as marketing mix strategy by many Business to Business companies. The usage of blogs by Business to Business establishments saw about 27 per cent […]

Check Your Site Security & Malware With Sucuri Site Check

October 9, 2012
"site scan"

Everyday lots of new websites launch. Like new websites hackers also increase at a regular basis. There are mainly 2 types of hackers – professional & amateur. Some hackers enjoy hacking a website. Its a kind of hobby. But the owner of a website will be terribly in a trouble if his site hacked. All […]