What is SOPA

What is SOPA

9 1910

SOPA means Stop Online Privacy Act. General meaning is that this act will ban open discussion as well as no one can speak openly.

Most internet users are against SOPA. SOPA will affect all internet users.

World’s biggest hacker community said on Twitter,

“If we can’t communicate, we can’t organize.

If we can’t organize,

We can’t resist.

If we can’t resist, we will be slaves.”

I already added a picture against SOPA.

So if you want to add this picture in your network (Facebook, Google +),

you can save this picture & use it.

You can also check American Censorship website for more details.

If you are wordpress user, you can also use a plugin – Stop SOPA Ribbon.


So its time for everyone to raise our voice against SOPA :  Stop SOPA forever 🙂


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  1. I know it is really turning out to be annoying for many internet users.
    Recently U.S federal agency went on arrest founder of great mega file uploader website under charges of giving platform illegal sharing copyright content on the internet.
    It tells us that we can’t share things on the internet without taking permission from owner.
    That means to share a simple audio file to my friend I will have to take permission from owner.
    This sounds totally ridiculous.

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