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Request Google Doodle for 21 February – International Mother Language Day

Google is the best Search Engine. In Google Search during different occasions we see different kinds of logo. Google changes their genuine logo to an entertaining logo according to memorable occasions such as Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Valentine Day, International Mother’s day, Friendship day. This special logo is called Google Doodle.



21st February is regarded as International Mother Language day by UNESCO. This is a historical day happened in Bangladesh on 21st February, 1952 when Bangladesh was part of Pakistan. Many people had been died by Pakistan soldiers to establish Bengali as a mother language. So to remember this historical event UNESCO declared 21st February as an International Mother Language Day.



So it is everyone’s duty to tell Google to add special Doodle on 21st February. It is easy to tell Google by sending an email.



: Email Sample :


Email to : proposals@google.com

Subject : Request Google Doodle for 21 February, International Mother Language Day.


Dear Google Team,

Bangladeshis are the only nation who have sacrificed their lives to restore their mother language as their state language in 21 st February, 1952. To honor their unlimited love and respect to the mother language UNESCO had declared this day as International Mother Language day on 17 November, 1999. A Doodle for this event would be a great tribute for those martyrs of all time and of allnations who laid down their lives for the sake of mother language.


Thank you.

With Regards,
[your name]


Read Special Doodle:


Finally, my appeal to all readers lets work together to prosper this country 🙂


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