Psy New Song Gentleman Make World Record In YouTube

Psy New Song Gentleman Make World Record In YouTube

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South Korean rap singer Psy make world record in his new song “Gentleman.” It also got same popularity like his previous song “Gangnam Style.” Gentleman already make record in video sharing site – YouTube. YouTube authority says Psy’s Gentleman song most watched by a single day in YouTube history.


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Psy’s new song – Gentleman was launched in YouTube on 13th April, 2013. In 24 hours, it is watched by 20 million people. Can you imagine it? Any video launched in YouTube on the opening day visited only 8 million time. But Gentleman watched 12 million more. After launching the song in YouTube it is watched 44.5 million times in 36 hours.

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Previously the record was by Teen sensation Canadian Pop singer Justin Biber’s “Boyfriend”. Now the record holds by Psy’s Gentleman. If you are Indian TV serial fan, you can check – Indian TV Serials in YouTube.

In Gentleman video song, Psy dances in restaurant, shopping mall, library, park, roads, stadium in south Korean capital – Seoul. Psy started dancing with traditional Korean dance. Although Korean people are accustomed to this song, other people over the world have not seen the dance previously.

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Psy’s previous song – Gangnam Style also very popular among all classes. Here he danced over horse back but there is no horse. I is just imagination. It is also watched in YouTube more than 100 crore times.



So guys what do you think about Psy’s new song – Gentleman. Will it break all the song record?


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    • Hi Daniel,
      Same here dear. Even i don’t understand this old song gangnam Style except BOOM BOOM & Gangnum Style. 😀

  1. Wow, this is amazing, 20 million views OMG-only Psy can do this , Thanks to his Gangnam Style’s popularity which must have forced people to check out his latest song. What an amazing sensation he has turned out to be in the whole world.

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