New Year Competition: Comment In Techdesighn & Win Free Banner Ads Space

New Year Competition: Comment In Techdesighn & Win Free Banner Ads Space

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Happy New Year. In this new year, everyone of us has future hope, plans, mission, goal, determination etc. But to fulfill all our goals we should start our work with great determination. There is a proverb time & tide waits for none.

Now come to the main point. passed its 3 months with success. Techdesighn got Page Rank 1 & Alexa rank 1,10000. We are regularly working to improve our site. On this improvement, we thank to all new & old bloggers & most important all valuable readers & commentators.

On the start of new year 2012, is starting a competition for all readers & commentators. From 1st January competition will begin & continue onwards. The readers need to comment in the articles as many as he can. He can comment in old or new articles. At the last of every month, I’ll declare 1 lucky winner. The highest commentator will have the chance to add banner ads 125*125 size in front page.

These rules need to follow all commentators:

  • You must use real name in the name field
  • No spam comment should be allowed. For example, nice, thanks for share, gr8 post etc. I have installed Akismet plugin. So be careful
  • No feed URL should be allowed in website box.
  • Do not add any unnecessary links in comment section.
  • Email id should be valid. I’ll contact with the winners among these mail ID.
  • CommentLuv plugin enabled. So add your site URL & take chance to share your site’s more visibility among other bloggers.
  • You can comment 2-3 times in any article, if you want to share your thought with other commentators too.
  • All comments should be monitored by commentator plugin. So no persuasion is available.
  • Finally, Site Admin has the right to edit or remove the comment.
  • At the start of every month Top commentator plugin will be refreshed. So every month new commentator has a chance to be winner.


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Finally, Happy New Year & start blogging with a new goal. Have a superb day 🙂


  1. You’re right that showing banner ads relevant to your audience is the best way to go. It will likely mean more clicks and more money for you than showing generic ads.

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