Latest Digital DSLR Camera Improving To Compete With Cellphone Camera

From Brownies to the Sony QX10, the art of photography has captured the imagination of a world of people with a story to tell in print. Instant prints from the Polaroid cameras from the 1960’s made everyone subject to be included in a photo album

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The introduction of the Instamatic and the first 35 mm cameras began to separate the family photographers from those who were interested in shots that are more professional. The price of professional grade equipment has begun to drop within reach of many amateurs looking for a chance to go pro. The rest of the photo shoots are left to files shot from cellphones and uploaded to a virtual album.

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Those phone photo sessions have started to take a toll on the lower end market of digital cameras. The manufacturers are starting to feel the pinch as the newer phones rolling off the assembly line are boasting more megapixels than ever before. They recognize that the phones are responsible for an amazing amount of the photos that are shared online. Where the traditional DSLR has to be downloaded to a computer first, the new phones just zip those photos right to the owner’s shared folder.

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New camera manufacturers are now forced to add features to their small cameras to entice the phone crowd. They are adding zoom, Wi-Fi , waterproof containers and other features designed to move the phone users to a more professional piece of equipment. These cameras can be found at websites like Focus Camera. Maybe these features will separate the amateurs from the budding professionals.


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Cell phone cameras are now days close to DSLR cameras as they come with great technology which is also affordable along with phone features. Most of the photographers also use cell phone cameras as backup. The main disadvantage of a cell phone camera is that it cannot be altered like adding lens etc. Most of the youngsters now days use cellphones as their primary camera as it is easy to carry them and also values the money with features.


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  1. Hi Ahsan,

    Ah…there was a time when I was fond of photography too – thought loooong back. But now with the cell phones that have come up, the real kind of cameras have taken a backseat – we hardly see people use them. Even my kids prefer their instant mobile shots to anything else. So I wonder how much this would come up 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂
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