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Science is developing at a regular basis. Everyday new tech things are updated or added in science. Do we know all these things? I guess NO.

Today I’ll share a Bangladeshi website by which you can know update tech news – Shikkhok.

 The site’s motto Open Source Knowledge For Bengali Learners


"bengali learning site"


The site is fully written in Bengali language. So Bengali learners will be benefited from this site.

Here you’ll get cloud computing, mechanical engineering information, Geography information, calculous, lecture on programming language C, C++, information on natural calamity etc.

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The site is launched in august, 2012. Although the site is new, it has lots of learning articles. The site is divided into diffrent category – WordPress, Zoomla, fun zone, anti virus, linux, quiz, games, graphics designing, download etc.

The key features of this site is every article has lots of video which are oploaded in YouTube & you can save all articles in pdf format.

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