New Job Platform For Women-the 2 hour job

A woman is beautiful by her appearance & she is great because of her contribution and responsibilities to her family. But her greatness should not take her dreams away. The most active time of a woman (i.e. 20 years to 40 years) is spent in household responsibility as well as raising children. On the other hand,  men pass their time to achieve success in career. Although both have acquired similar academic  qualification, woman has to let go her dream, skill and vision because she has got other responsibilities on her shoulder.


the2hourjob is a platform where women can show her skill & enjoy the freedom to earn her own livelihood without taking help of others & flourish her dream.  It is a kind of freelancing where different kinds of work available for example, Professional Writing, Business Support, Digital Marketing, Audio Support, Lifestyle, Research, Video & Animation, Design & Graphics, Programming & Tech etc.


Here women can show their professional skill and talent to assist the need of the employers with flexibility and economically. Its aim is to mobilize the challenging tasks with the professional support of woman of Bangladesh. So it ensures both the parties (Employer & Worker) interest and promote fair and secure play through out the platform.


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