Learn Bangladesh Liberation War From Android Apps – Bangladesh

Learn Bangladesh Liberation War From Android Apps – Bangladesh

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Recently PowerGroupBD launched android apps – Bangladesh from where you can know history of Bangladesh War of Liberation. It aware us and also inform the true history to the young generation who born after liberation.


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At present, most of the youth have smartphones. So by this apps, they will know War of Liberation history in their own way.


Also you can see here gallery of images by which you can get tiny idea of the situation of the time of the War of Liberation. You can also watch War of Liberation videos from the apps.

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PowerGroupBD informed that they were working on new features, new information’s. Other people from different countries will know about our tradition and culture through this apps.


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Through 9 long months of war and bloodshed of 30 million martyrdom Bangladesh gained independence in 1971. But the most part of the war history is totally unknown to new generation or changed by different political leaders. young generation don’t even know and unable to tell many event of the War of Liberation. To make aware and also inform the true history to the young generation, I think this is a good step taken by PowerGroupBD.

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Information On Bangladesh Apps:

UPDATED: December 11, 2012





Download link: Bangladesh 


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