Lets Celebrate Software Freedom Day 2012 on September 15

Lets Celebrate Software Freedom Day 2012 on September 15

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SFD is a yearly celebration for Software Freedom. Every year thousands of teams organize Software Freedom Day in different countries and cities. Every year on the 3rd Saturday of September month Software Freedom Day is observed. This year the 3rd Saturday of September month is 15th September.


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Software Freedom Institute (SFI) is the non-profit organization who is the main organizer of Software Freedom Day. SFI handles all sponsorship contracts, official team registrations, annual Best SFD Event Competition etc. At present, hundreds of teams around the world celebrate the day locally and help to send out a global message.



Matt Oquist, a programmer on January of 2004 declared a day as free software distribution day. At that time, TheOpenCD project (project leader Henrik Omma and project contributor Phil Harpe), which maintains a CD of high-quality Free Software for Windows was going on. They took his idea.

After considering several proposals of dates, names, and logistics, Henrik, Phil, and Matt agreed on “Software Freedom Day” because they believed that ultimately, everyone without a vested interest in proprietary software can unite to educate the worldwide public about the ideals of Software Freedom and the practical benefits of Free Software. August 28th, 2004, was the first annual Software Freedom Day.

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At present popular open source software:

  • VLC Media player, open Office,
  • Linux operating System,
  • Apachi Server,
  • Bind,
  • Mail Server sendmail & quemail


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If you want to participate SFD events around your area check the map.

For details, visit software freedom day official website 

Facebook Page

Linkedin page 

Twitter Page

Orkut page 



SFI Address:

Software Freedom International

718 Fox Hollow Drive

Hudson, New Hampshire

03051, USA.


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