Happy Birthday To Facebook

Happy Birthday To Facebook

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4th February is the Happy Birthday of Facebook. It is crossed nine awesome year & now it is on its 10th year. At present Facebook users are more than 100 crore. Mark  Zuckerberg is the main admin of Facebook. He has a group of people who help Facebook profit day by day. Facebook can be used through laptop, PC, Tablet, mobile etc. Still Facebook is the most popular social network.

Facebook Logo

Here are yearly information of Facebook:


  • The Facebook.com Launched for Harvard students
  • You can’t add any picture, wall post, news feed, event, page etc.
  • At that time, 10 lakhs joined Facebook.

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  • Facebook.com domain bought by the authority. The has been omitted.
  • You can add pictures.
  • 55 lakhs users now.

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  • From January, it has option to send Friend Request.
  • Mobile phone users can use Facebook.
  • 1 crore & 20 lakhs users now.

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  • Virtual gift option enabled.
  • Last 3 updates of friends will be shown in Home Page
  • All updates can be checked by mobile too.
  • Facebook video launched.
  • Facebook site enabled for iPhone.
  • For business Facebook page & social ads launched.
  • 5 crore members of Facebook.

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  • Lots of apps added .
  • Spam protection enabled.
  • YouTube video link can be added.
  • Facebook can be used in 55 languages.
  • 10 crore users.

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  • 35 crore users.

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  • Top menu, new type left menu & new type of picture uploading feature enabled.
  • Community Page launched.
  • Facebook messaging service upgraded.
  • Android apps launched for Facebook.
  • Facebook profile page has dynamic look.
  • Tagging service enabled.
  • 50 crore users.


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  • Video feature enabled With Facebook chat.
  • New games added.
  • Facebook subscriber service launched.
  • Mobile Timeline service launched.
  • 80 crore users.



  • In every second 3000 picture uploaded in Facebook.
  • 11% users of the world use Facebook.
  • Even Facebook accounts are higher than private cars of the world.
  • 50% users everyday open Facebook account.
  • Average every month a user pass 700 min. in Facebook.
  • In every min. 5 lakhs 10 thousand comments, 2 lakhs 93 thousand status & 1 lac 36 thousand picture upload.
  • Every 20 min. 2 crore link share, invite send of different apps to 15 lakhs persons, 18 lac status updated, 20 lakhs friend request accepted, 27 lac text message send& 1 crore 2 lakhs comment added.
  • 100 crore users.


Here are some stats about Facebook:

Most user: United States

Most Popular page: Facebook for Every Phone

Most popular Brands among Pages: Coca-Cola

Most popular Celebrity:  Rihanna

Most popular Entertainment: Texas HoldEm Poker

Most popular Media Page: Facebook

Most Popular Political Leader Page: Barack Obama

Most popular Sports person’s page: Cristiano Ronaldo

Most popular place: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Most popular Apps & Developers:  BlackBerry Smartphones App


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  1. Lovely Facebook has really marked an impression on everyone and the growth rate has increased at an unbelievable speed and i wish it keep on growing more and more.

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