Google Search Decorated With Merry Christmas

Google Search Decorated With Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas is the biggest festival of Christian community. On this special day, Google decorated their search box with a colorful way.

In the Google Home page, you’ll see an animated logo.

Below every alphabet you’ll see a colorful icon. Here GOOGLE represents

G – Santa Clause vector

O – Bell

O – Bell

G – Ice man

L – Candle

E –  Gift box

When you click any of these, you’ll hear a sweet jingle. The logo also rotate. When you complete clicking all icons, a melody will start to wish you Merry Christmas. After that it will immediately go to another search page with keyword “Happy Holiday” (Read: Enjoy Christmas Lights In Google)

Below of the search box, you see Follow Santa on Christmas Eve on Google Maps. Google also made special doodle for Japan, Korea, New Zealand etc. countries on region based search for this occasion. (Read: Let It Snow)


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