Google Earth Downloaded 100 Crore Times

Google Earth launched in 2005. In the last 6 years, it is downloaded more than 100 crore times. From the beginning Google authority gives permission to everyone download Google Earth. ย Google Earth helps a person to see his destination quite clearly through satellite.

Brain Mcclidon, Vice president of Google Earth & Maps said, โ€it is a huge milestone. This software helps every user to visit worldwide virtually from his own room. 100 crore years ago, men live in the stone age & if anyone visits from moon to earth 3 times, the length will be 100 crore meter. โ€

Everyone can download Google Earth in PC & mobile as well. Google Earth users shared interesting experiences in oneworldmanystories. You can download Google Earth from here too.


So have you any interesting experience?ย ๐Ÿ™‚

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