Google Chrome Will become 2nd Popular Web Browser


There are 3 main web browsers which dominate the other browsers. They are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome. A statistics said soon Chrome will be the 2nd popular web browser.

Internet Explorer is the product of Microsoft. When you install Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, Internet Explorer automatically installed in PC. It is a built in software. So it is still dominates the net. On the other hand, before the launch of Chrome, Mozilla is very popular among web surfers. Mozilla has some unique features which we don’t get in other browsers like any site appears very fast, it has classic theme which attracts readers, easy bookmark options & finally it has tons of addons which makes the net surfers more user  friendly.

But as Chrome launch, it takes full authority from Mozilla. Chrome has been regarded as fastest web browser & it has also tons of extensions like addons. In Britain, most people now use Chrome browser. It seems that Chrome will take 2nd position in the final month of year 2011. At present 41.7% use Internet Explorer, 27% use Firefox & 23.6% use Chrome.


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So which one is your favorite web browser? 

28 thoughts on “Google Chrome Will become 2nd Popular Web Browser

  1. Right now i am also using Goggle Chrome because of worst service provided by Firefox. I think Chrome is better than Fire Fox because i never see any default in this browser. this browser deserves to be at 2nd number.

  2. Indeed, Google Chrome is rapidly winning more and more users. Personally I use Firefox but it is due to the plugins and extensions I need. I keep an eye on Chrome and see that people create good plugins and extensions for Chrome too. So I think soon I’ll consider a move from Firefox to Chrome seriously.

  3. Thanks for the rating info. Is that true that Internet Explorer still owns the crown of all browser? You said, they were at 47% of users. Since I found out about Google Chrome, I started using it regularly and have switched already because of its more fast browsing. Themes, tabs and toolbar appearances are better looking than firefox. Firefox for me was too over-designed. I found it hard to navigate its toolbar due to its design themes. But with Chrome, its perfect!

  4. There is nothing greater than having multiple internet browser alternatives. Thumps up for Google Chrome always.

  5. Yahoo has enabled us to access yahoo messenger from MAIL page. But seems it is available only in IE7 and mozilla firefox. How do I configure my Apple Safari web browser so that I can use yahoo messenger in the mail page like Internet Explorer ?

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