Facebook Launch Promote Page Post feature

Facebook Launch Promote Page Post feature

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A week ago Google plus launched Hangouts On Air service. Now Facebook added new service too. There is a debate either Facebook will start payable service or continue free service. After a long time we see a payable service by Facebook. It is the Promote Post feature service.

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Through Promote Post service 600 people will see your post in 3 days for only $5. Through this service more people will know about your post. This service started for the 1st time in new Zealand as an experiment. Now globally this service available for Facebook users. If you have Facebook page, you can start this service. Bloggers, business men, company etc. institutions will get benefit from this service.

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For payment you can use Credit card and Paypal method. All recognized currency can be used for Payment.

So what do you think guys – will the Facebook Promote Page Post feature get popularity?


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  1. Hi Ahsan,
    Without doubt this will be successful as the price is very affordable for such exposure. My only question is how come they always use New Zealand as a testing ground.

  2. With proper configuring i guess we can get a CPC rate to about 0.08-0.10$ which means for 5$ we can get atleast about 50 clicks. Considering the CTR of about 5% which is very high the number of people viewing our ad would be about 1000 people viewing the ad. So as per this it seems a bit costly service.
    What do you suggest?


  3. Hey Ahsan,

    I heard that it was in prelaunch in New Zealand, testing the waters so to speak. So it’s finally arrived huh! Well, I’m not going to be paying $5 to get my info in front of just 600 people who may not be my target audience. Seems kind of silly to me but that’s just me.

    Facebook ads would be a better way to go because you can then target the people you want to see your information.

    Best of luck to those who participate. Thanks for sharing this though.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Get Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  4. now the tests are over and the system has gone gone worldwide, very disappointed. i run facebook page with over 30K of followers, if I use the promote function, I get 10% more reach, all fine and good a few more likes of the post it self maybe not very significant amount al told, but if you look deeper I do not not gain new page likes actual I get a large increase i un-likes for my page. So why should i pay to prompt my post, I cant think of a reason, unless facebook actually promotes to Followers how actually like to see my post Ie. like the fist 10 to 15% who do for free anyway, why pay for more and shoot your self in the foot and loose followers of your page.

  5. Making facebook a payable service may sound like a good idea for the organization behind the networking site but there’s some backfire to be expected for it. There would be a rapid decrease in subscribers that I’m not even sure would stop any sooner after establishing that system.

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