7 Years Anniversary Of YouTube

7 Years Anniversary Of YouTube

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What’s world’s most famous video site? I bet all will say in one word – YouTube. Yes YouTube moves to 7 years today. Happy birthday to our favorite site – YouTube 🙂

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YouTube is the most popular watching & sharing video site.  You’ll be amazed to know some statistics on YouTube:

  • Every min. 72 hours video upload
  • Every min. 3 days similar video upload
  • Every day 400 crore video watched
  • Every month 300 crore hour video watched
  • 80 crore people watch regularly.
  • Last month YouTube watched 1 trillion times


In 2005, YouTube launched 7 in 2006 Google bought it. The 1st video was launched by co-founder Jawed Karim – Me At The Zoo.

Although everyday millions of people watch YouTube , Goggle says they are still not gaining any profit from it. Google is taking some initiative steps to gain profit.


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  1. I am really excited to know about the 7 years anniversary of YouTube. I know that YouTube really did a great job on satisfying all its subscribers. I really like the videos and music YouTube had offer to me,

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