What Is MAC Address

In a single line, LAN (Local Area Network) card address is called MAC address. LAN card address is also called Physical address. Generally when your PC is connected with net an IP (Internet Protocol) address is fixed for your PC. Everytime when your PC connects with net, a different IP address will be fixed for your PC by its vacancy. It is done automatically. No one controls it. But MAC address is always fixed. Every LAN Card has unique MAC Address.

By using software, anyone can change IP address. But you can also change MAC address. Hackers give first priority on changing MAC & IP address. So it is difficult to locate hackers easily.

Now I’ll share how to change MAC Address by using a software – Technitium MAC Address Changer. Its size 3 MB.

Download it.

Install it & open it. You’ll see your original MAC  address. A word written NO in the changed box means it is original MAC address. If you want to change MAC address, click Change MAC. Click Random MAC Address & Change Now. A message will show. Click Yes. Restart PC. Now you’ll see changed MAC address & there will be written Yes in Changed box. If you want to move to your original MAC Address, click Change MAC & select Original MAC. A message will show. Click Yes. Restart PC. Now your PC  changed to original MAC address again.

So my dear friends, are you interested in hacking? 

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