How To Send Exe File By Email

How To Send Exe File By Email

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Email is the best place to share any attached files with others. But there is a problem. When you attach any .exe file, mail doesn’t allow it to send. It thinks it as a virus file. Another thing you have limited space to attach a file.

But today I’ll solve the problem.


1st open an account in dropbox. It is an online storage service. Recently Google also launched another online storage service – Google Drive. You’ll see a folder named PUBLIC. Here you upload the files which you want to share with others. If you want to send full folder, you can convert it to zip. After that right click of mouse over the folder. From Dropbox menu copy Public Link.

Now go to Compose message. Now paste the link you got from Dropbox. Now send to your desired person.  When he receives the message, he can view the .exe file by simply clicking the link. He needs to download the .exe file then he can watch it. (Read: How To Snooze Your Mail In Gmail )


Mission accomplished.


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  1. I admit it, Dropbox is the best solution for sharing executable files, I also use it for sharing and storing big files. It is the best free cloud service available.

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