New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle

New Year’s Eve 2012 Google Doodle

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Now a days, Google Doodle is a common figure to add in Google homepage to celebrate historic moment. As my experience I found this Doodle is different than others. Its like collection of all doodles of 2012.


This recent New Year’s Eve Doodle is a collection of 35 doodles of 2012. You can see here London 2012 Olympics doodles, virtual synthesizer on Robert Moog’s 78th birthdayinteractive zipper doodle etc. all doodles are mixed in this latest doodle.


"New Year's Eve 2012 Google Doodle"


Another thing all doodles of 2012 are clickable. So it amuses us. When you click doodle, it will go to particular Google doodle information page.

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This recent New Year’s Eve 2012 doodle has significant value. The letters of  Google are placed haphazardly in the New Year’s Eve doodle. Mainly four standard Google colours are used here – Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. in the table someone are preparing food, other design the room, kids are playing, some other is playing piano. By this doodle we understand that all are preparing for New Year’s eve party.


"happy new year 2013"


Leave the tear, Hold the laugh,
Leave the pain, Think of joy,
Forget the fear, be joyous,
Because its new year
A very Happy New Year 2013!!!


Here is the list of famous doodles of 2012:

London Olympic 2012 google Doodle

Tribute on Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday 

Remembering Zipper Inventor Gideon Sundback 


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  1. Google represents all the major events and festivals in the form of doodles. At Google India, they kept a candle below for the delhi braveheart….

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