Google Doodle Remembering Zipper Inventor Gideon Sundback

Google Doodle Remembering Zipper Inventor Gideon Sundback

2 1745

If you visit today’s Google Homepage, you’ll be surprised to see a giant horizontal zip welcoming you. When you slash the zip from top to bottom, you’ll move to Google search on Otto Fredrik Gideon Sundback.

"google doodle zipper"

Sundback was born on 24 April 1880 in Sweden. Sundback married Elvira Aronson in 1909. He died on 21st June, 1954 at the age of 74 and buried in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

After he completed his studies in Sweden, he moved to Germany. There he studied at the polytechnic school. In 1905 he emigrated to the US.

His zipper advancements drew upon the work of other engineering predecessors, such as Elias Howe and Max Wolff.

Sundback created the manufacturing machine for the new zipper.

He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in 1951.



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