Google doodle Celebrate Grammy Winner Miriam Makeba’s Birthday

Google doodle Celebrate Grammy Winner Miriam Makeba’s Birthday

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Miriam Makeba is a South African singer. she is the first Grammy Award winner from South Africa. She is also remembered as a civil rights activist.


Miriam Makeba's Birthday


Today 4 March 1932 Miriam Makeba’s Birthday. So in order to remember her birthday, Google Doodle added special logo in Google Search. When you go to official Google Search page, you’ll see Miriam Makeba is singing a song with full spirit. Click the logo. You’ll be immediately send to Miriam Makeba search page where you’ll get more information about her.

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Makeba was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1932. She was died on 9 November, 2008 at 76 years age in Castel Volturno, Italy.

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As she worked for civil rights, South African government cancelled her passport so she couldn’t return home for long time. in 1990, she returned to South Africa.

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She sings Marabi, World music, folk, pop rock, jazz type songs. In 1962, she performed a song at President John F Kennedy’s birthday function.


In 2011, a documentary film Mama Africa, written and directed by Finnish film director Mika Kaurismäki, was released on the real life of Miriam Makeba.


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  1. hey its a great news i am glad to see that .she was the first artist from Africa to popularize African music around the world.

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