Get Relief From Blogging By Playing Online Games

Are you tired of blogging? No more blogging. No more bored. It’s time to enjoy. Forget everything & start reading the post. I am sure I can relief your boring.


Visit bored – mini game site. Although I am telling mini, this site has tons of games. All are funny & entertainment games. You don’t need to know how to play. Just start playing & you can know immediately all rules.

"bored game website"


Here are different sections where are tons of games:

  •  Popular
  • Stickman
  • Shooting
  • Escape
  • Puzzle
  • Animations
  • Action
  • Girls
  • Skill


Here are descriptions of different sections:

  • Stickman:

This stickpage has the most fun stick sniper, shooting, ragdoll, fighting and point & click stick puzzle games like ClickDEATH or Causality! Have you played our most popular series, Causality? A challenging stickman killing game where there is only one rule, don’t let anyone see anyone else die…have fun!

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  • Shooting:

Love blowing away enemy targets with a plethora of heavy weaponry? Whether you just want target practice or want to take out an invading enemy army of mutant monsters, take your best shot with our humongous collection of fast-action shooting games!

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  • Escape:

Caught in a terrible trap? Nothing but a rope, a vent and some batteries between you and the outside world? Use your wits and everything in the room to find your way out in these challenging escape games! Point and click your way to sweet freedom!

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  • Puzzle:

From the simple to the logical to the brain-bendingly complex, use all of your gray matter to figure out these amazing puzzle games! Your problem solving skills will be put to the test with strategies, patterns, sequence solving and many more challenging games!

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  • Animations:

Watch many funny animations, flash movies, viral flash videos, short clips, cartoons and more! Want to see a stickman die? View our collection of stickman death animations. Have fun!


  • Actions:

Do you have an itchy trigger finger? Do you like to drive fast and furious? These games will have you addicted to their fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat action! From racing and stunts to adventure and intrigue these games will have you sweating bullets!


  • Girls:

Sugar and Spice and everything Girl! Play celebrity, dress-up, cooking, sports, and puzzle games designed just for little ladies young and old alike! Like to run restaurants? Become a princess? Go on a hat date with the boy of your dreams? It’s all here!


  • Skill:

How skilled are you? Are you good at Zombie Soccer (undead football)…Play the best free online timing, reaction and skill games on the internet. Stack up blocks without falling, Shoot an Apple off your assistant head, play with Nyan cat…nyan nyan nyan…Show off your skillz at the SkillShow game. Pop zits, throw things at Justin Bieber and many more skill-based games from around the web!


  • Epic:

Are you ready for these games? Really are you? These are the most epic games of our time and now all in one place. Destroy the world, play old-school hit classics and more guaranteed awesome games.


  • Quizzes:

No this isn’t school but there are quizzes…these are fun quizzes and tests to prove how smart (or dumb) you are! Choose from the most fun IQ, idiot and impossible quizzes, play challenging skill games, memory, concentration and thinking tests. No more midnight cram sessions for those dreadful exams, stay up all night to take cool quizzes.


  • Strategy:

Whether your planning for a massive battle against invading enemy marauders or keeping hungry customers happy running your very own restaurant, these games require you to use your brain and a little forethought to plan the best course of action in order to succeed!


So what’s are you waiting for. Reveal this site & enjoy playing game 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Get Relief From Blogging By Playing Online Games

  1. Interesting sharing Ahsanul..!
    I think these games are not only for bloggers. People from other fields can also play these games for enjoyment. I’ll check out these sections 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
    saha recently posted…How to Add Google FontsMy Profile

  2. Personally, I don’t get bored often – if you exercise your imagination, you don’t get bored. There are times also that people really gets bored. In my case, the only thing that comes in my mind is to play games video games :). Thanks for the tips. I might add them to my list.

  3. i like play playing puzzle game or the adventure ones. Anything that involves brain is boring.

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