Follow Malala Yousafzai From Her Official Facebook Page

Follow Malala Yousafzai From Her Official Facebook Page

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Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani school girl and is known as education activist from Swat District of Pakistan. She is well known for her education and women’s rights activism in Swat. For a long time, Taliban banned girls from attending school. She is working to regain girls freedom in Swat.

"Malala Yousafzai"


But on 9th October, 2012 Yousafzai was shot in her head and neck in an assassination attack by Taliban group while she was returning home on a school bus.

After the attack for a few days she remained unconscious and critical condition. She was taken care in Pakistan hospital. Later when her condition improved, she was sent to a hospital in the United Kingdom. By the blessings of Allah she is getting well day by day. It is a great sign for doctors as well as all Malala fans.


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Today I am sharing official Facebook page for all Malala fans. This page already got 76,000+ fans. Now its your time to join & get update from Malala.

It updates regularly & you’ll know all update from Malala.


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"Malala Yousafzai"


Famous Quote of Malala:

  • I don’t mind if I have to sit on the floor at school. All I want is education. And I am afraid of no one.
  • People do not leave their homeland on their own free will – only poverty or a lover usually makes you leave so rapidly.
  • I have a new dream … I must be a politician to save this country. There are so many crises in our country. I want to remove these crises.
  • My purpose is to serve humanity.


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picture credit: official facebook page of Malala


Official Facebook Page: Malala Yousafzai

Diary of a Pakistani schoolgirl as written in BBC: Malala Yousafzai


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