Cheat Code Of Action Game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Cheat Code Of Action Game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an action-adventure video game released  on 2002. Vice City mainly shows 1980’s American culture. It took Miami city as a game model. After release, Vice City became the best-selling video game in 2002.


Today I’ll share Cheat Code of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Although it is old game, still game lovers love to play it. You can apply these cheats anytime during game play.


"Grand Theft Auto: Vice City"



: Vehicle Vice City Cheats :

  • Destroy all cars

Cheat Code: bigbang

  • Flying dodo car

Cheat Code: comeflywithme

  • All traffic lights are green


  • Traffic moves faster

Cheat Code: miamitraffic

  • Flying car

Cheat Code: travelinstyle

  • Spawn a tank

Cheat Code: panzer

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  • Spawn a hearse

Cheat Code: thelastride

  • Spawn a limo

Cheat Code: rockandrollcar

  • Spawn a garbage truck

Cheat Code: rubbishcar

  • Spawn a sabre turbo

Cheat Code: gettherefast

  • Spwan a caddy

Cheat Code: betterthanwalking

  • Fast car

Cheat Code: gettherequickly

  • Faster car

Cheat Code: getthereveryfastindeed

  • Fastest car

Cheat Code: getthereamazinglyfast

  • Black traffic

Cheat Code: iwantitpaintedblack

  • Cars float on water

Cheat Code: seaways

  • Improved car handling

Cheat Code: gripiseverything

  • Pink cars

Cheat Code: ahairdresserscar

  • Change wheel size

Cheat Code loadsoflittlethings


"Grand Theft Auto: Vice City"


: General Cheats of Game Play& Character Cheats of Vice City :


  • Nice weather

Cheat Code: apleasantday

  • Great weather

Cheat Code: alovelyday

  • Cloudy weather

Cheat Code: abitdrieg

  • Rain

Cheat Code: catsanddogs

  • Fog

Cheat Code: cantseeathing

  • Speed up game

Cheat Code: lifeispassingmeby

  • Change pedestrian clothes

Cheat Code: stilllikedressingup

  • Pedestrian riot

Cheat Code: fightfightfight

  • Pedestrians attack you

Cheat Code: nobodylikesme

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  • Pedestrians have weapons

Cheat Code: ourgodgivenrighttobeararms

  • Walk faster

Cheat Code: onspeed

  • Walk Slower

Cheat Code: booooooring

  • Bikini women with guns

Cheat Code: chickswithguns

  • See wanted stats

Cheat Code: chasestat

  • Tommy groupies

Cheat Code: fannymagnet

  • Tommy starts smoking

Cheat Code: certaindeath


"Vice City"


  • Tommy is fatter

Cheat Code: deepfriedmarsbars

  • Tommy has thing arms and legs

Cheat Code: programmer

  • Pedestrians get in your car

Cheat Code: hopingirl

  • Play as Ricardo Diaz

Cheat Code: cheatshavebeencracked

  • Play as Lance Vance

Cheat Code: looklikelance

  • Play as Ken Rosenberg

Cheat Code: mysonisalawyer

  • Play as Hilary King

Cheat Code: looklikehilary

  • Play as Love Fist character (Jezz Torent)

Cheat Code: rockandrollman

  • Play as Love Fist character (Dick)

Cheat Code: weloveourdick

  • Play as Phil Cassidy

Cheat Code: onearmedbandit

  • Play as Sonny Forelli

Cheat Code: idonthavethemoneysonny

  • Play as Mercedes

Cheat Code: foxylittlething


"Vice City"



: Weapons & Health Vice City cheat Code :

  • Max health

Cheat Code: aspirine

  • Suicide

Cheat Code: canttakeitanymore

  •  Thug Weapons

Cheat Code: thugstools

  • Professional weapons

Cheat Code: professionaltools

  • Heavy weapons

Cheat Code: nuttertools

  • Full armor

Cheat Code: preciousprotection

  • Increase wanted level

Cheat Code: youwon’ttakemealive

  • Decrease wanted level

Cheat Code: leavemealone


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