How To Recover Password Of Any Website By Mozilla Firefox

How To Recover Password Of Any Website By Mozilla Firefox

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If you are regular internet user, you need to open lots of site with user name & password. Sometimes its tough to remember all the passwords. So whats happen! we can’t enter the website & we search for any option to recover password. Sometimes it works, sometimes we never recover  password. So what we do. we open a new account. but no more worry. Here is the solution.


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In order to recover forgotten password, you need to use Mozilla Firefox Browser.

If you are Mozilla user, you can follow these steps:

Open Mozilla Firefox.

Click Tools.

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mozilla firefox tool


Click Options.

You’ll see lots of tabs. Select Security Tab.

Now click Saved password (middle place)

Click Show password (bottom place)

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mozilla  saved password


Now you’ll see a line – Are you sure you wish to show your password.

Click Yes.

Now Firefox will immediately show all the saved passwords included in all websites.

If you don’t want to see the passwords anymore, click Hide password.

I think now you have no more tension of remembering the password. 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the solutions it was really important for all those who have many account on various sites and its difficult for them to remember them all.

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