Get Update Facebook Status In Mozilla Firefox

Get Update Facebook Status In Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular browser. It has so many add-ons which makes browsing more easier & enjoyment. On the other hand, Facebook is the most popular social network. By browsing Mozilla, you can easily get update notification without opening Facebook.

At first, you need to install Mozilla addon – Facebook Toolbar.

"Facebook Logo"

According to Facebook Toolbar authority it has following features:

  • Search Facebook from anywhere:

The Search Box allows you to easily search Facebook no matter where you are. Select a friend from the drop down to go directly to their profile, or hit “enter” to see the search results.


  • Get Notified:

Icons on the toolbar tell you how many new pokes, friend requests, and messages you have. A pop-up will notify you when your friends update their statuses, write a new note or interact with you on Facebook.


  • Connect with Friends:

Click the icon to open the Facebook friends sidebar. You can sort your friends by name or status and easily interact with them and their profiles.


  • Share Content:

The share button lets you share the page that you are currently browsing by sending it to friends or posting it to your profile.


  • Upload Photos:

The upload photos button lets you find photos on your computer, caption and tag them, and upload them to Facebook.


Click Add to Firefox. Its size – 368 kb.

Dowload it.

Click Install now.

Restart Mozilla.

Log in Facebook.

"mozilla facebook addon"

Click Go To App

"facebook mozilla toolbar addon"

Allow it.

"facebook toolbar"

You’ll see a new Facebook Toolbar added below other Toolbar.

Here you’ll see new pokes, new friends request, new messages etc.

You must remember that you can’t log out Facebook. You can close the Facebook Tab bar but you can’t log out. Otherwise, you can’t get notification of update Facebook information. You can enjoy update Facebook status browsing other sites.



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  1. Nice tool. Currently I am using Chrome. I use Firefox at times to check web design etc. But indeed I will get this tool as I use Facebook quite a lot. Just wondering, is there a similar tool for Chrome such a plugin. Thanks..
    Shalu Sharma recently posted…How to create an eBookMy Profile

  2. This one is so interesting, I haven’t came across this add on. It would be great to have the notification attached on the top bar so that I don’t have to keep opening my facebook to see if there’s any new notifications. All this while, I always keep one window logged into Facebook and sometimes had to close it if I open too many other programs but this add going to help much.. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh boy! I like the idea of this add-on, but I personally would waste my whole day on Facebook if I put this one on. It’s a brilliant idea to stay up to date if you depend on Facebook for work. Or I suppose it would come in handy if you were just browsing the internet. But when you work online, it could definitely get in the way of actual work.
    Bellaisa @ Get a Guy recently posted…Do Past Decisions Still Haunt You?My Profile

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