Check SEO With SeoQuake Mozilla Addon

Check SEO With SeoQuake Mozilla Addon

Seoquake is one of the best Firefox SEO extension. If you are webmaster then I suggest you to use it.  It helps web masters work with search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and internet promotion. Seoquake allows you to investigate many important SEO parameters.

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SeoQuake consists of two functional parts:

SeoBar :

Parameters for search results (inclusion into search engine result pages – SERPs). SeoBar can be described as an extra toolbar. It shows values of selected parameters for the page currently opened in the browser window. You can customize the set of parameters shown by SeoBar. (Read: SEO For Google Chrome)


Parameters in SERPs :

SeoQuake shows values of the parameters for search results under each search result shown on SERP. Set of parameters shown is fully customizable by user. Loading of parameters can be handled in two different ways – simultaneously with the loading of the SERP or after SERP loading, by user demand. Ranking of the results by selected parameter in ascending/descending order and storing results in file are available features.



In SeoQuake you’ll get a wide range of default parameters. You can also  create own parameters and also group them into presets and switch between these presets on the fly, during work.

General set of parameters consists of

  • Google PR (Google PageRank of current page),
  • Google link (Number of links, pointed to the current page.
  • Google version (Except links from concerned domain),
  • Parameters for many other search engines (Yahoo,  Bing, MNS,  Yandex, Rambler,  Baidu)


You have also the authority to turn on/off all SeoQuake parameters to be shown in SeoBar or on SERPs.


Download Link: SEOQuake Mozilla addon

Click Add To Firefox.

Then Install it.

Restart Firefox

Mission accomplished.


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  1. SEOQuake Is really very helpful addon for doing SEO work, you can find lots of information on the SERP related to competition and can decide which site is helpful for building links, the major benefit I see is it shows page rank, it saves me lots of time.

  2. I really like SEOQuake, I also use Quirk and SEOBOOK for Firefox if you want to check them out. Im sure they are supported in Mozilla also.

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