Check Bengali Spelling With Mozilla Addon

Bengali is one of the most popular language in the world. But still it has no recognized dictionary or grammar checking tool. Today I’ll share a Mozilla addon by which you can check Bengali gramatical error.  Bengali Bangladesh Firefox addon is an spell checking dictionary tool.

Bengali Bangladesh spell checker tool works for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. You can also check BDWord – Online English to Bangla Dictionary & Array Eng to Bangla Dictionary.

"bengali spell checking tool"


Download link: Bengali Bangladesh Dictionary

  • Click “Add to Firefox”.
  • A confirmation window will appear.
  • Click “Install now”.
  • Then the dictionary will be installed automatically.
  • Restart FireFox.
  • Then type Bangla text in text box or input box (such as mail compose, blogging, etc).
  • Right click on the text box and select Language->Bangla / Bangladesh.
  • Now it will underline the wrong spelled words.

Mission accomplished.


N.B. It works all Firefox latest versions (from 9 upto latest version)


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