Bookmark Website Links Easily With SortPlaces Mozilla Addon

Bookmark Website Links Easily With SortPlaces Mozilla Addon

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Sometimes you need to bookmark all links in an unique way. If you save links in different groups, it is easier to get links. You can do this easily with SortPlaces Mozilla add-on.

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SortPlaces allows you to sort your bookmarks in various ways. Note the Bookmarks Organiser does have some sort options, but these are not permanent. you can change it. Also you can check other famous Mozilla addon collection.

SortPlaces is also designed to work with the SyncPlaces extension to automatically sort your bookmarks when you synchronise them.


Download: SortPlaces Mozilla add-on

Click Add To Firefox.

Then Install it.

Restart Firefox


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  1. Nice add-on for Firefox. But Ahsan, try finding more from chrome because it is used more than firefox. What d’yu think?

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