Search Word In Wikipedia With Chrome Extensions

Search Word In Wikipedia With Chrome Extensions

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Companion for Wikipedia Lookup is a Google Chrome extension. It helps to find any words from Wikipedia.  You can search words in Wikipedia in multiple languages ​​and has a button to display the content directly to the Wikipedia page.

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Wikipedia lovers can get full access with this Chrome extension. It saves your recent wiki lookups. It uses now over 100,000 users. (Read: Pagerank & Alexa Toolbar Chrome Extension)


Features :

  • Instant popup; No delay, no unneeded loading from Wikipedia with our cache
  • Key focus: type the moment you open it
  • Access to your recent wiki lookups across any tabs and pages
  • Back/forward history; Like a mini wiki browser
  • Ability to open Wikipedia lookup in a new tab
  • Multi-lingual Wikipedia support
  • Option to open featured article on startup
  • Select text within in the popup, then right click to search
  • Customizable popup size


Great tool to get things done on Google Chrome! Hope you like it.


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  1. Hi Ahsanul, I’m a huge fan of Wikipedia (I even donate everytime they do a round of funding) and I think they deserve to be where they are right now. As a Chrome user as well I will certainly check out the extension to see how it is. Thanks for the info.

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